Our Story

Steeped in the heart of rustic India, Pundora is run by a community of women, from across the world, who believe in the philosophy of 'Art for Good'. It was founded as a social venture, amidst the Pandemic in 2020, to create a bridge between the artisans' huts to your homes.

Women artisans of Pundora


"Art brings happiness to my life" a personal mantra that kept me going through my toughest days including the Pandemic. Extending this belief, we created Pundora, which sits in the epicenter of artisans and art lovers. 
For artisans, we aim to offer a safe and sustainable space to create. Most artisans give up due to lack of financial viability. We look forward to revitalize and contemporize the traditional art space to make it relevant and viable.
For art lovers, Pundora attempts to make owning a piece of art approachable, affordable and functional for daily use. We want to break the myth that Art is only what adorns the walls in the form of paintings and murals. We, at Pundora give art a functional value and purpose. We create products that can have everyday use, make people aware of various art forms and techniques and develop a sense of belonging. 
And, for new artists, we aim to encourage the younger generation to aspire to have a career in art. Many believe that Art cannot be a full time career. A few years back, when I was at the cross-road where I had to choose between passion and profession, the practical me picked a more socially acceptable professional career. While I am blessed to have a great run professionally, a tiny part of me missed not pursuing Art. Pundora intends to create more opportunities where a passion for art can merge with professional aspirations.


We believe in the power of women coming together. Back in 2020, I started with a group of 5 women, in one corner of a living room, with a few strands of thread and a hope to create something meaningful.

At Pundora, we do not boast of working with master craftsmen. Instead, we work with next-gen artists, harness latent talent, nurture and train them to become experts in their fields. We started with hand-embroidery and gradually tapped into stitching, painting, printing and weaving. And while many in the team did not get the opportunity to have a formal education, they worked very hard to learn about design, procurement, manufacturing process, packaging, shipping logistics, marketing, customer service and to run this venture.

Today we are a community of 40+ women, with an office and a workshop and

have served over 5000+ customers worldwide. Pretty cool, huh?


The thing with handmade is that every piece is unique. And we like to go one step further, wherein we really strive to towards creating a customer friendly environment  which whole-heartedly welcomes personalization and new product ideas.. that we develop just for you.

Imagine the sheer joy in receiving something only and only created for you.

We currently operate in several categories across lifestyle, home decor, accessories, and personal care, all designed to add a tint of spark to your home, wardrobe or life. Be it an embroidered wall hanging for your living space or a handmade clutch to hold your belongings, Pundora appeals to customers of all age and walk of life.